My previous clients, ranging from students to leading professionals, have been extremely satisfied with my way of teaching, coupled with my experience and dedication. I have a 100% success rate i.e. when I decide to take on a client, I make sure they reach their end objective(s) (assignment/project/goal) and learn along the way.

Here are some of my clients’ testimonials -

Excellent teacher! Great explanations, makes things easy to understand and patient.

Nik was very helpful when I was struggling with resitting a logic module in college. He outlined things very clearly and found lots of useful resources I could use to practice. He is also very friendly and the sessions were comfortable and informal.

My experience with Nik has been very positive. He is very knowledgeable in all areas of Data Analytics and has a natural talent of being clearly able to explain the material.

Nik is great tutor with an understanding of all aspects of computer science. I would definitely recommend him if you are a beginner of the subject like myself or just looking to build on existing knowledge. He does online tutoring too which is very useful. Highly recommended.

I found Nik, excellent to work with, very helpful and a pleasure to collaborate with my particular need, being r programming and a really great ambassador for first tutors.

Nikunj is a professional, who has the patience to explain topics in depth, while also having the punctuality and awareness of time management. He allows a mental bandwidth for each query that I have, even outside the session, so that we may follow up with the topics within the next session. I would recommend Nikunj, as he has been very straightforward to work with, and has provided energy towards each session.

Cannot recommend enough! We were able to cover a large amount of course material in such a short amount of time and nik was beyond helpful, I went from failing the class at midterms to achieving a high 2:1 overall in the module, and feel much more comfortable progressing in the maths element of my degree. Completely changed my whole attitude towards maths and can’t thank him enough!

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